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Larger than life 3D rubber playground animals...

Children are known for their vivid imaginations and colourful stories. The 3D Program range engages children and stimulates their imaginations with 42 unique shapes and animals to foster play and boost creativity.

The new range is fun, entertaining and especially safe, as each shape complies with the European Safety Standard EN1176 and is covered with a high quality rubber surface making it comfortable and safe for children to climb.

They can be installed on virtually any surface and are sure to add vibrancy and a new element of excitement into play time!

Foster play, create excitement, stimulate social skills

  • They're a hugely interactive tool that can aid play and foster creativity.
  • The animals and shapes create an exiting and fun environment that stimulates childrens' imagination, social and physical skills.
  • The range is made of bright, bold colours and recognisable animals with strong identities.
  • They offer communication with open eyes and warm smiles... who wouldn't want to fly to the clouds riding on a bee, or to fight evil from the bag of a giant Spider?
  • Because of their considerable size the animals create a three dimensional environment that can be played on top of, besides or around.